Mercury is now direct! There’s no better time than now to allow your creative flow to fly freely. 🧚🏼‍♂️

Let go of your painfully tight grip on perfectionism and start getting into the habit of letting your ideas flow. Idea > create the post > post the post > done. And so on.

When you stall, over-think, agonise and perfect, you waste an insane amount of time and energy! Things become boring, slow, stagnant. What was a great idea is dead in the water because you gripped it too tightly. You expected too much from it… put too many expectations on this one little old post, when it just wanted to be let free into the wild with ease.

When you allow your ideas to flow out of your head and into the content with ease, time and time and time again, daily, daily, daily, you open up the stream of pure genius and consequently open up the portal to a steam of beautiful soulmate clients who desire to work with you. Because they got to know you, felt you, learned from you, trusted you. Compounded over time thanks to your dedication to (your own version of) consistency. Regularity.

So if thus sounds like you, let it flow my love. Loosen the grip and witness the results that will happen.

You’ve got this!

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