So many people come to work with me and they’re like “Oh OK! I can do it that way? X told me I had to do it like this…” 

And I’m like “My love! There are no rules! How does marketing yourself like that make you feel?” And they sit with it for a moment and answer with “It feels horrible. It doesn’t feel like me.”

We’re conditioned throughout life everywhere we go. Since we were small children. And it continues throughout our business journey if we let it. It’s time for you to cultivate the deepest connection with your intuition ever, so that you can discern which ways of marketing yourself and your magical business are right for you, and which aren’t. 

I invite you to ask yourself these 3 questions regularly. Every time someone advises you do your marketing in a certain way (even if it’s me!!). Only you know what’s best for you. 

  1. “Does this align with how I want to do marketing?”
  2. “Does this way of marketing myself feel good and authentic to me?”
  3. “Does this content feel like I’m pouring all of ME into it without expecting anything back in return?”

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