There are SO MANY REASONS why you might not be getting the results you want from your Instagram Marketing. 

It’s incredible nuanced and personal to the individual and everything they have going on… 

but here are a list of a few to support you right now 🤗

💎 Create more Reels to get in front of more of your audience, and new people too.

💎 Check your visuals. Are they clear and punchy? Do they feel on brand? Do they do a good job of calling in potential soulmate clients?

💎 Create content that solves your soulmate clients problems. Help them out! Give them mini transformations.

💎 Create content that allows your audience to really get to know you on a deeper level.

💎 Share from the heart. Speak as if you were talking to a room full of the dreamiest potential clients ever!

💎 Embody your leadership energy. Connect with your higher self and co-create content with her.

💎 Talk on your IG stories more. Different people consume content in different ways. Not everyone likes to read, they like to listen!

💎 Get clear on your content pillars. What are the main things you help people with/ the main things people come to your for support with? Create content about those!

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💎 Reconnect with your mission. The reason why you set up your business in the first place. Zoom out and look at the bigger picture and feel into the lives you’re here to change.

💎 Be brave! Try new things to get in front of new audiences. Go live with people. Ask to be a guest on people’s podcasts etc.

💎 Mix up your content. Solo posts, carousels, reels, lives, educational, off the cuff, empowering messages, loving reminders, affirmations, etc.

💎 Stop overthinking your posts and get into action. The nature of the human experience is imperfection, and the quicker you realise this the better!

💎 Allow your uniqueness to SHINE!

💎 Boldly and clearly sell your services, often!

💎 Learn how to use hashtags strategically.

💎 Collaborate with others.

💎 Mix things up, try new things, trial and error.

💎 Repurpose old posts that performed well.

💎 Have FUN!


Liz xoxo

P.s. bonus advice: hire a marketing coach to support you with it all!! 😉

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