4 types of posts to pin to the top of your Instagram profile

Pinning posts to the top of your IG profile can be a great way to get more eyes on the most important messages you have to share with your people. 

Here are a few of my recommendations…

📌 A ‘how you can work with me’ post for the current month.

📌 A ‘get to know me’ post telling people all about you & your biz. 

📌 One of your recent top performing posts. If people have loved it then new visitors to your page will love it, too! 

📌 A post promoting something you’re in launch mode with or your highest priority offering. 

You can pin up to x3 posts to your profile and they can be literally anything you like! Give it a try. Test different posts out. Pin just x1. Pin all x3. See how it goes! Your business is your playground 🤸‍♀️✨🎡🧚🏻

Don’t know how to pin posts? I’ve got you! Simply go to the post, click on the three dots in top right corner and click on ‘Pin To Your Profile’. Voila!

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