I'm a Manifesting Generator, Gemini sun, Capricorn rising, Leo moon... I lead with my heart, I've got so much love to give, and I'm a feisty go-getter!

I'm an ex-Head of Marketing turned Marketing Coach & Consultant with 12+ years of industry experience. I went from working in the fashion world feeling hugely unfulfilled and out of alignment to finding my soul's purpose here with my own business helping incredible, ambitious, heart-led women like you!

I'm all about combining strategy and structure with intuition and feminine flow. When we combine the two, that's where the magic happens!

I work with a lot of 'quit the rat race to live their dreams' type women... wellness, mindset, coaches, healers, astrologers, nutritional therapists... you know the score. Women who CARE DEEPLY about people and the world, just like you!

I love the quote "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it" - Roald Dahl. I've believed in magic from a young age and strive to inject it into every aspect of my life! And I want this for you too.

I'm, Liz Spears

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Using my 13+ yrs in Marketing & 3+ years in business to support you with both the strategy & creativity when it comes to your social media and email marketing. Mentorship & 1:1 programmes to fast-forward your business success.

Instagram Canva templates uniquely designed by me, for you. I use my gift of seeing deeply into what makes people tick to mirror your soul's essence in your visuals. Bring your vibe to life with templates that take the stress out of content creation, and magnetise your soulmate clients to your work.

I offer x2 signature courses to support you with your soulful business. The Soulful Marketing Journey 1:1 Programme for new business owners, and Canva Queen to teach you how to create content for Instagram like a pro.

Need support setting up your email newsletters? I can support you with the practical side of launching FloDesk (the only platform you'll ever need in my opinion!), the design, and the marketing strategy. I also offer consultancy support when it comes to Instagram content planning and content creation. Essentially this is the 'done for you' option.

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