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8 Week Group Programme


Are you ready to learn how to market yourself and your small business, transform the way you feel about marketing, and enable yourself and your business to shine online?!

Round 2 kicks off in September '21


Marketing really can be easy, fun and feel-good when you know how!

Make Magic With Your Marketing is a group programme for service-based, soulful, and ambitious entrepreneurs who want to learn how to master their marketing, build an online community, make a positive impact, and sell their services with ease. 

Marketing doesn't need to be hard!

You feel a bit scared by marketing... it feels like hard work, a bit scary to put yourself out there, and it feels like there is so much to learn its overwhelming.

There's so much noise out there from marketing experts and you don't know who to listen to or how to apply it and make it work for you.

Perhaps you're feeling like...

You're SO excited to get going with growing your business but your lack of marketing skills is holding you back

You know that you want to confidently and authentically 'show up' online but your lack of confidence is holding you back

You're an ambitious, driven person but your lack of accountability to get going with your marketing is holding you back 

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Are you ready to...






create GREAT QUALITY content with ease  

Learn how to use Instagram as an effective business tool


What's included?

A 6 week group programme that combines live video training with accountability and support, teaching you how to create an Instagram marketing strategy to attract your dream clients in abundance. 

x8 60 - 90 min Live sessions hosted by an expert team of specialists in marketing and wellness businesses.

x12 expertly curated modules to walk you step-by-step through the journey of strategy, content creation & messaging, creating an authentic, feel-good online community & paying dream clients!

Worksheets & homework to hold you guide you through step-by-step and hold you accountable.

Access to a private Facebook group full of like-minded female entrepreneurs on this very same journey as you.

You will learn the skills and tools to create a powerful Instagram strategy so that you can promote your business with authenticity, magic & magnetism... and SO much more! Wowee! 

Are you ready to allow yourself and your business to shine?

BONUS Self-Study Sessions

The Modules

Week 1

You will get crystal clear on your niche so that so you can create content that speaks to the souls of your dream clients! This forms the fundamental foundations of your marketing strategy and sets you and your online business up for success.

Clarifying Your Dream Client Niche Messaging

You will learn how to create an Instagram content plan unique to you and your business so that your dream clients fall in love with you and your services, gain your trust, and convert into paying clients. You'll learn all about content creation, how to use Canva like a pro and how to plan out your content in advance with ease, all whilst having fun along the way!

Mastering Your Instagram Content

Week 3

You will learn how to show create an IG stories visibility strategy, show up on stories, Reels & IGTV authentically, without it feeling scary, icky or egotistical. 

Mastering IG Stories, Reels & IGTV

In this guest expert session with with Hayely email copywriting expert & founder of Rock Paper Copywriting, Hayley Barnes, you'll learn about all things emails and how to harmoniously take your Insta A-game to your email list. Nurturing your community has never been so important and Hayley will show you how to do this so it feels authentic, purposeful and effortless. 

How To Take Your Insta A-Game Into Their Inbox

Week 4

Guest expert session with social media ad expert Charlotte Reynolds. Ever heard the phrase "You've gotta pay to play"? The average organic reach for small businesses is around 5-10% and so it is no surprise that more are paying for ads to make sure their posts are seen. But as newbie biz owners, is this something we should be doing? Join Charlotte to learn how ads could help you to promote your sessions, courses and workshops.

How To Run Successful Social Ads

Week 6

Guest Expert session with Business & Sales Strategist Chelsea Cox. Boundaries are a key pillar of business basics but so often dismissed, forgotten or not spoken about until you realise you need these in order to grow. In this masterclass we will dive into why they are so important, how you can implement them straight away into your business and gain a deeper understanding of how boundaries benefit business growth in the long term. Chelsea will also share some key tools for you to use in order to create effective and sustainable boundaries.

Become a Badass with Your Business Boundaries


You will learn how to nail your social media posts using Canva. Canva is THE best tool when it comes to creating graphics, memes, GIFs, and even editing your videos. There are so many capabilities that can assist your content to transform your content from vanilla to 'WOW'. This will be a pre-recorded 1 hour video to watch and use in your own time.

How To Master Canva


You will FINALLY learn how to use hashtags strategically to your advantage and create a hashtag spreadsheet for your content in order to increase your reach & visibility. Hashtags are one of the BIGGEST and EASIEST missed opportunities when it comes to getting in front of your dream clients, and massively improving your reach and engagement. You're not going to want to miss this one.

How To Nail Your Hashtags

Week 2

PLUS + an abundance of worksheets with post caption structures, post ideas & more!

Week 5

In this guest expert session with Louisa Hussey you'll learn how EFT lets you finally identify what is REALLY holding you back and safely let go of what no is longer helpful. Louisa's technique uses a potent combination of pure EFT, hypno language and powerful visualisations. It has the power to change your life (& I can voucher for that, I've worked with Louisa and she is amazing!).

EFT (Tapping) Master Your Confidence & Mindset

In this guest expert session with Astrologer & Business Coach, Heather Whitt, Founder of The Alchemy Co. you'll be introduced to Heather's ‘Cycle Magic’ method and learn how to work in alignment with the ebbs and flows of nature, astrological energies, and your body so that you can optimise your productivity, tune into your intuition, honour your rest phases, and feel in flow.

Marketing with The Moon & Your Hormone Cycle

About Me, Your Coach!

I teach purpose-led women how to promote their business online with authenticity, magic & magnetism.

I'm an ex-Head of Marketing turned Marketing Coach & Consultant with 12+ years of industry experience. I went from working in the fashion world feeling hugely unfulfilled and out of alignment to finding my soul's purpose here with my own business helping women like you! I now help people to do the same with their purpose-led businesses. 

I always say to my clients that "you are capable of making some pretty wild things happen!" and it is my mission to support you to do just that!

My approach? Strategy + Intuition = Magic! 

I can't WAIT to support you on your self-marketing journey xx    @thealchemycompany

Heather combines trusted self-development techniques with astrology teachings to empower women to not only learn about their stars, but to use their newfound knowledge to uncover their life purpose, and step into their inherent power. Like the mystics of old, she calls this the magical process of spiritual-transformation ‘Alchemy’.

Louisa supports creative business women to shush their inner critic, boost confidence and finally get on with creating the life of their dreams using the powerful technique of EFT, or otherwise known as tapping.    @louisahussey

Louisa Hussey, EFT Transformational Confidence Coach

Your Amazing Guest Experts

With a decade of experience leading the digital and social media advertising for global brands in London’s best ad agencies, Charlotte now helps small business owners to grow and scale their businesses through coaching & consultancy.

Charlotte Reynolds, Social Ads Specialist    @the_digital_yogi   @rockpapercopyrighting

Hayley is a launch + email copywriter for six-figure coaches who know they want to make an impact. Her passion is to help heart-centred entrepreneurs to stop being squeamish about selling, feel confident in their messaging, and connect authentically with their communities.

Hayley Barnes, Copywriter & Email Expert

Heather Whitt, Modern Astrologer & Business Coach

Chelsea helps women in business to start, strategise, scale and strengthen their businesses. She supports her clients in finding business clarity & confidence through clear & concise strategies & development. Working with an array of brands, SME’s, influencers and entrepreneurs, Chelsea has developed a name for herself as the go-to girl for starting & scaling. 

Chelsea Cox, Business Strategist & Consultant    @chelseacox._

Tuesday 28th September, 12pm - 1.30pm
Tuesday 5th October, 12pm - 1.30pm
Tuesday 12th October, 12pm - 1.30pm

The Live Session Dates

Tuesday 19th October, 12pm - 1.30pm
Tuesday 26th October, 12pm - 1.30pm
Tuesday 2nd November, 12pm - 1.30pm

If you can't make all of the live session times, it's all good! You'll be emailed the link to watch the session at your own convenience. The Live training sessions have been designed to be joined either live or watched afterwards, so don't feel like you'd be missing out if 12pm isn't suitable for you. Marketing coaching will also happen inside the Facebook group where I'll answer all of your questions and you'll be able to ask Qs for the group calls in advance in there.

Times shown are UK BMT

VALUE - £1,900+

x6 60 - 90 minute Live training sessions with lifetime access - value £1,440+

x4 self-study sessions & worksheets - value £550+

Each call with me will entail a coaching Q&A for you to get support with your homework

Exclusive offers from me and the 5 guest experts to support you further after the programme ends, if you so wish.

Private Facebook community for additional support, accountability & networking  

Your Investment

x2 monthly payments

pay in full






+2 60 min 1:1 sessions



6 week group programme to catapult you into taking action towards your business goals & dreams

£222 off special early offer until date TBC



"Wow! My 90 minute intensive 1:1 coaching session was incredible. The best time I have spent on my business over the last few months. The session began with Liz really drumming down into the areas I was struggling with. Liz is so warm and friendly, making it easy to communicate the fears and struggles I was feeling with my business."


“I gained so much value from working with Liz. Liz helped me to set up my new Instagram page for my business coaching which launched towards the end of 2020. Her sessions were invaluable to me as it was the first time I had ever had to self-promote and I was starting from scratch with no social media presence. Liz has a very warm and encouraging coaching style and she went above and beyond with supporting me to get my Instagram started.
Liz also supported me with some very practical tools to help combat any limiting beliefs about ‘showing up’ online. Liz is committed, action orientated and incredibly knowledgeable, her proven tactics worked and I’ve gained momentum with my social media! I’d highly recommend her as a marketing coach and I’m so grateful for all of her support."


"Liz is so great at instantly putting herself into other people's shoes. She was great at listening and truly understanding me and my business, and she's incredibly empathetic. I cannot recommend her enough."


"The coaching session I had with Liz was very powerful. Liz has a great energy and really cares about her clients. She is attentive, knowledgeable and real. I am very grateful for her support and I would highly recommend working with her"


"Liz is so full of nurturing, well thought out and well delivered advice, and has lots of awesome ideas. I came off the call feeling so much better. The calls with Liz are the best thing I've invested in for my business in a long time."


"Working with you was the best decision I made for my business! I've really enjoyed implementing your tips and as a result I'm seeing so much more engagement in my feed/posts!"

who it's for

who it's not for

Purpose-led service based entrepreneurs ready to master their marketing, specifically Instagram

Ambitious women who are so ready to put in the time and effort it takes to get results

People who are excited about learning how to create and manage their own Instagram content

Women who want to learn how to self-market themselves and their businesses alongside like-minded biz owners

Product based businesses - this is for service providers only

People who want to have all of their content created for them, this is not a done for you service

People who are looking for 1:1 coaching, this is a group programme

People fine with settling for an ordinary kinda life... extraordinary isn't part of their plan

Go-getters with big dreams and ambitions

People who aren't interested in uplevelling their business and living their dreams


Who is the group programme for?

Who is the 1:1 programme for?

The programme has been specifically created for service based, purpose-led female solopreneurs ready to master their marketing game, specifically Instagram marketing.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

You will need to dedicate 60-90 minutes every week to our group calls, plus approx. 1-2 hours per week for the homework & worksheets. The programme has been designed to work alongside your part time job/business.  

Will this work for my business/niche?

Will this work for my business/niche?

Yes, as long as you're a female entrepreneur with a service based business, this will absolutely work for you. 

Do you have very little brand awareness and don't know how to attract your ideal client via Instagram? You know that people are creating financial abundance through Instagram marketing but you don't know how to make it work for you and your business?

Why should I work with you, Liz?

Why should I work with you, Liz?

Do you have very little brand awareness and don't know how to attract your ideal client via Instagram? You know that people are creating financial abundance through Instagram marketing but you don't know how to make it work for you and your business?

I have 12 years of experience in Marketing, with a First Class Marketing & Communications Degree. I worked my way up to Head of Marketing for a well-known activewear brand, and I have 2 years experience running my own booked-out business.  

Do you offer payment plans?

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can split the cost over a 3 month payment plan.

Let's make


with your marketing!

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