A 6 week 1:1 programme for the woman who has quit the corporate rate-race to build the soulful business of her dreams

Learn everything you need know about creating a personal brand, how master your Instagram marketing, become confident at getting visible online, and nail your content creation so that you call in your soulmate clients

soulful start-up



So you've decided to leave behind hustle culture and create a career built on the foundations of freedom, flexibility and authenticity? Congratulations love, I'm so excited for you!

I spent 10 years working in the corporate world before starting my business in 2019. I was used to working long hours, grinding at the never-ending to-do list and continually felt unfulfilled and frustrated by working on somebody else's dream.

If you're ready to f*ck the rules and say yes to a new paradigm of business, you're in the right place! It's time to unlearn the corporate BS and create a brand new reality for yourself.

Hustle culture was so 2021! 

At the beginning of your business journey, staring up at the mountain alone can be one hell of a scary prospect!

You might be feeling excited and raring to go, but at the same time lacking clarity on the steps it takes to build solid business foundations.

There are so many questions in the beginning. How does all the marketing stuff work? Where do I start? What's absolutely necessary to invest in at the beginning and what's nice to have? How do I use social media as a business tool? What on earth do I create content about? How the heck do I go about selling my services? The list goes on!

I've got you! And I'll let you into a secret... marketing can be really fun and easy when you know how!!


For the biz owner who knows just how much the world is in need of her magic + is ready to make an impact

For the passionate go-getters and action takers

For the entrepreneur who is ready to start building a beautiful online community 

For the service provider who's looking for expert support + accountability with their marketing 

For the woman who prides herself on being a hard worker, but doesn't want it to feel hard any more! Ease and flow will be your new reality.

Learn how to set up and start using your Instagram page in a joyful, ease-ful way.

Gain crystal clear clarity on who you're creating content for... because when you create content that speaks to the souls of your soulmate clients, that's where the magic happens! 

Learn how to use Instagram for business so that in no time you'll be free flowing like a pro 

Know how to create high quality content that attracts your soulmate clients so that you can build a feel-good, engaged community that converts into paying clients. 

Feel comfortable, confident, and free to show up on social media as un-filtered you!

Feel liberated to market yourself in a way that feels good, exciting, and aligned for YOU, rather than following something else someone has said 'will work' 

Trust yourself and your creative ideas so much more. No more second guessing, you'll be creating in flow and creating far more than you ever have done before! 

Know how to show up as the leader, expert and CEO that you are 

Your instagram will feel like feel-good, authentic and wonderful place to 

You’ll know how to sell your services on Instagram in a soulful way. You won't find any oldschool, masculine, icky stuff here... this stuff is going to feel good my love, trust me! 

***I'm all about the bespoke approach - we can also cover how to set up your email newsletters and other social channels outside of IG if this is something you'd like support with***

Over the course of the programme, you will…

How does it work?

Each week we'll have a 90 minute call via Zoom + you'll have Voxer (similar to Whatsapp), email and Instagram DM access to me for support with what you're working on in between sessions.

Not only will I train you on everything I know, I'll support you with accountability and words of advice, too! Just think of me as your coach, strategist, and personal cheerleader!




You'll get to know your soulmate clients (otherwise known as ideal clients or target market) in an intimate way so that you can create content that makes them feel seen, heard and understand. You'll get crystal clear on who your content needs to speak to and how to do it. You'll end up knowing them and their deepest desires so well that your content will speak to their souls every time you post.




You'll learn how to create high quality Instagram content using Canva so that your grid is an exciting buffet of multi-faceted posts. You'll learn the strategy behind social media content and the practical know-how to produce Reels, IGTVs, carousels, stories etc. along with the energetics and mindset to support you to become magnetic.




You'll learn how to use hashtags effectively and powerfully in order to increase your reach and visibility. Hashtags are such a big missed opportunity I see on Instagram, and yet they can be so easy to use when you know how!


Bonus Sessions

You'll learn how to sell your services online in a way that feels authentic, safe in your body, and really feel-good. I call it selling your services without selling your soul! We'll cover how to weave selling into your every day content and how to launch new products and services.

soulful selling

You'll learn how to use IG stories strategically whilst making them feel fun and easy breezy. You'll learn how to create Reels in your own style (learning dance routines is not necessary!!) and IG Lives will become staple pieces of your content and you'll wonder why or how you were ever so fearful of them.

MASTERING IG Stories, Reels & IG Live

You'll learn how to create messaging that speaks from the heart, makes an impact and communicates the magic you have to offer to the world. One of my gifts is being able to mirror back to people the powerful, potent messaging that they already have inside them, ready and waiting to be used int their content.


Learn how to master Canva (the tool that you'll need to use for Instagram content creation) so that you can create your grid posts with ease, really make the most of all of the amazing features that Canva has to offer. Your grid posts will have never looked so good!

Canva Tutorial

If you're someone who likes some structure and the feeling of being really organised, this is for you! If you're more of a creative content on the fly kinda person, you'll also find a lot of useful structure and support for you in this training.

How To Batch Create Content In Alignment With Your Feminine Energy


A range of hypnotic audios from guest experts to support you on your business journey.

About Me, your coach

Hey love, I'm Liz.

I'm a Manifesting Generator, Gemini sun, Capricorn rising, Leo moon, Enneagram 8... I'm heart-led, full of empathy for people and the planet, and I've got a fire in my belly!

I'm an ex-Head of Marketing turned Marketing Coach & Consultant with 12+ years of industry experience. I went from working in the fashion world feeling hugely unfulfilled and out of alignment to finding my soul's purpose here with my own business helping incredible, ambitious, heart-led women like you!

I'm all about combining strategy and structure with intuition and feminine flow. When we combine the two, that's where the magic happens!

I work with a lot of 'quit the rat race to live their dreams' type women... wellness, mindset, coaches, healers, astrologers, nutritional therapists... you know the score. Women who CARE DEEPLY about people and the world, just like you!

If you're ready, let's do this! I cannot wait to support you!

"Liz is a Marketing Magician! Before I started working with Liz, the word 'marketing' felt a bit intimidating and overwhelming. Liz helped opened my eyes to the magic of marketing, breaking everything down into manageable chunks with actionable tools to take away and implement each week. My new instagram account is gaining momentum and I will be forever grateful to Liz for her support and making marketing feel magical!"

"Working with Liz has been the best investment I've made in my business. There is nothing she doesn't know about Marketing. I went from being unsure about my marketing to feeling empowered that I know exactly what to do and I can already see the results coming in. Liz's friendly, supportive style made the sessions really enjoyable. 
Thank you Liz, you're a wonder woman!"

"Liz is an absolute dream to work with. Her marketing magic coaching is everything you need and more! Liz supports you with your individual marketing needs and helped me carve out a clear direction. I instantly felt lighter after our call and it has been the best investment into my business!"

what some of my clients said about working with me

"Liz's Marketing Moon Magic workshops are the magic I never knew I needed before... since taking the time for myself + business to do her workshops I have more content ideas than ever before - I feel free express myself more unapologetically in my marketing + bring more of myself to my business. I'm so grateful for Liz for creating this gorgeous space + can't wait to make this a regular thing."

Let's do it!



x2 payments of £1,333

Investment: £2,666