After years of feeling miserable and unfulfilled working in the fashion industry, I started working for a global women's activewear brand where I found the career joy and purpose I was searching for.

I was promoted to Head of Marketing and had some of my most challenging yet rewarding career experiences. I found the wellness industry to be filled with like-minded people who valued work life balance, put their health and mental health first, and made space for everyone, rather than pitting against competitors. A dream come true!

Fast forward another 3 years and I set up my own wellness marketing consultancy and started working with a range of brands; from B Corp teas and natural supplements, to fitness, mindset and wellbeing coaches. 18 months into my consultancy journey I was SO ready to expand my business so that I could help even more people, and launched my marketing coaching services.

Today, I spend most of my time helping magical female service providers like you to master their Instagram marketing so that they can help transform the lives of others, and create a wildly successful business for themselves.

I describe the women I work with as lightworkers. They know that they're here to support people and humanity in some way. They have unique skills and gifts and they're so ready to spread their message and wisdom far and wide.

No more playing small. It's time for them to shine and make an impact.

My approach... Strategy + Intuition = Magic!

My Story

A Little More About Me

I'm a Manifesting Generator, Gemini sun, Capricorn rising, Leo moon, Enneagram 8 and a Protagonist (ENFJ... although I'm definitely an extroverted introvert!) If you haven't guessed by now, I love all things growth and expansion. I'm always following what excites me and lights me up... learning new things, devoting myself to healing, deepening my spiritual journey. I'm a huge empath and love deep conversations. I adore working with like-minded women, so if this sounds like you, get in touch.

My Values are...




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