"My session with Liz was so powerful... more than I ever expected! Liz is so gifted at what she does, and really helped me to draw out the parts of me that I was hiding within my business + on social media, so that I could show up with more confidence + authenticity. Liz has a beautiful way of drawing out the most powerful parts of you as a person, so that you can show up with confidence in your content + marketing. I hope to work with her again in the future!"

“Before I started working with Liz, the word 'marketing' felt a bit intimidating and overwhelming. Liz helped opened my eyes to the magic of marketing, breaking everything down into manageable chunks with actionable tools to take away and implement each week. My new instagram account is gaining momentum and I will be forever grateful to Liz for her support and making marketing feel magical!"


"Working with Liz has been the best investment i've made in my business. There is nothing she doesn't know about Marketing. I went from being unsure about my marketing to feeling empowered that i know exactly what to do and i can already see the results coming in. Liz's friendly, supportive style made the sessions really enjoyable. Thank you Liz, you're a wonder woman!"


"Beautiful Liz, thanks so much again for my 1:1 session! I’ve felt so light and inspired ever since - I felt so supported and it gave me so much reassurance and clarity."


"I was really stuck with Instagram and my marketing and came across Liz on Instagram. SO glad I did as I feel like I've finally figured out what the hell I'm doing. Working with Liz also helped me to break down barriers I didn't even know were there, so it felt like it was half counselling, half marketing! I feel like I know what I want to do now and how to tae my business forward, and it feels like it could possibly be fun as well, instead of feeling this dread that I used to have every time I thought about social media. Thank you so much Liz, I'm very grateful I found you!


"I've done a variation of business coaching programmes before and they were a lengthier amount of time and a much higher investment, and I already feel like I'm getting more out of this programme (Marketing Maven). I love that this programme popped up, it feels like divine timing. Thank you!"

harriet mandak, Empowerment Coach & Mentor

"Liz is an absolute dream to work with. Her marketing moon coaching is everything you need and more! Liz supports you with your individual marketing needs and helped me carve out a clear direction. I instantly felt lighter after our call and it has been the best investment into my business! Thank you Liz."

camilla dalkin, Transformational Coach

"Working with you was the best decision I made for my business! I've really enjoyed implementing your tips and as a result I'm seeing so much more engagement in my feed/posts!"

GABRIELLA ESPINOSA, Female Embodiment & Menopause

"Fun, Easy, Efficient. Liz literally dived into my brain and delivered exactly what I wanted, she spent the time to really understand what I wanted for my brand and her delivery was on point! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the templates she pulled together to support my rebrand, could not recommend more highly!"


"Liz is so full of nurturing, well thought out and well delivered advice, and has lots of awesome ideas. I came off the call feeling so much better. The calls with Liz are the best thing I've invested in for my business in a long time."


"Wow! My 90 minute intensive 1:1 coaching session was incredible. The best time I have spent on my business over the last few months. The session began with Liz really drumming down into the areas I was struggling with. Liz is so warm and friendly, making it easy to communicate the fears and struggles I was feeling with my business."

ALLISON B, Personal Stylist

"The templates Liz created for me are just f*cking stunning! She's such a skilled creator. Thank you so much for weaving my requests into them, they are honestly beautiful. I feel so much more at ease knowing that I don't have to 'think' from scratch how I'm going to create the container and that they are sitting there for me now and all I have to do is add in my messaging. Such a weight lifted off me, a HUGE obstacle moved out of my way. Thank you."


"Working with Liz and it's been sooo helpful! The money I've spent on the course has been so so well invested, it's saved me a fortune in terms of having to spend on separate graphic designer, separate content inspiration etc. Thank you so much Liz!"
(Marketing Maven group programme)


"Head-down, deep diving into my Instagram and general online presence with Liz for just 60 minutes was so so helpful! I am genuinely shocked at how my attitude towards Reels (started out at a hate-hate) completely flipped to me actually having some inspired and energising ideas as to how I can show up in that way. In such a short period of time, we were able to make some immediate tweaks to my profile AND brainstorm content for the 'gram and how I can do IRL outreach."

magdelena jensen, Certified coach & Women’s Circle Facilitator

I am SO glad that I took the leap and invested in Liz’s bespoke IG template offer! I was desperately seeking an IG upgrade/ refresh and Liz swooped in like the magical marketing Queen that she is to help! She was SO easy and fun to work with through the whole process and delivered me SO many beautiful, custom, and unique IG templates! She truly went above and beyond. I am so excited to continue using them! Content creation now feels SO much easier having all of these templates and I don’t have to spend any of my creative energy on tinkering around in Canva! Thank you so much Liz! You have made my creative process so much smoother and upgraded my brand to fit my unique magic!

julia mccarthy, intuitive channel

"I worked with Liz to realign my messaging for my upcoming mastermind. This programme is next level and I was excited to work with Liz to tease out next level content to call in clients!
Liz’s approach is soulful, gentle and yet so beautifully balanced too. A blend of feminine and masculine for marketing for my soulful leadership as a mindset + business energetic learning coach. I adored the session and I will be creating content based on our discussion to speak to my audience in a new, authentically elevated way 🙏🏼
 Thank you Liz xxx"

becky stanton, mindset, money & manifestation coach

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