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I help service providers to set up their emails on FloDesk, create branded templates that are beautiful AND functional, create a welcome sequence, write the copy, and create regular email newsletters. Whatever your needs, I'm here to help.

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+ FloDesk set-up 
+ FloDesk email designs 
+ Email strategy & copyrighting 
+ Lead magnet ideas & creation 
+ And so much more! 


We jump on the phone to scope out the support you need and I'll then send you a quote. 

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+ You want a marketing expert to help you with all of the email marketing stuff that you're stuck with or simply don't have time for 

+ You want someone to set you up on FloDesk and create the email design templates for you 

+ You want support with coming up with email content ideas or repurposing existing content from other platforms into email newsletters 

+ You want a funnel created that's going to attract and convert clients with soulful storytelling and selling content 


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FloDesk is THE most simple, effective and beautiful email platform available (in my humble opinion!)

If an email is ugly, I ain't gonna want to read it. If an email is beautiful, I'll open them from that sender time and time again!

If an email platform is clunky, I'll never send any emails. If an email platform is a dream, I'll send them every damn day!

Using the right platform for you is KEY, and if you're anything like me you will LOVE FloDesk.

Got questions about this platform? Send me a DM on IG! I'd be happy to chat.

Let's jump on zoom, scope out the support you need and I'll email you over a quote and next steps. I can't wait to meet you!


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Kind words from my beautiful clients

"My session with Liz was so powerful... more than I ever expected! Liz is so gifted at what she does, and really helped me to draw out the parts of me that I was hiding within my business + on social media, so that I could show up with more confidence + authenticity. Liz has a beautiful way of drawing out the most powerful parts of you as a person, so that you can show up with confidence in your content + marketing. I hope to work with her again in the future!"


"Liz is an absolute dream to work with. Her marketing moon coaching is everything you need and more! Liz supports you with your individual marketing needs and helped me carve out a clear direction. I instantly felt lighter after our call and it has been the best investment into my business! Thank you Liz."

camilla dalkin, Transformational Coach

"Working with you was the best decision I made for my business! I've really enjoyed implementing your tips and as a result I'm seeing so much more engagement in my feed/posts!"

GABRIELLA ESPINOSA, Female Embodiment & Menopause

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"I was really stuck with Instagram and my marketing and came across Liz on Instagram. SO glad I did as I feel like I've finally figured out what the hell I'm doing. Working with Liz also helped me to break down barriers I didn't even know were there, so it felt like it was half counselling, half marketing! I feel like I know what I want to do now and how to tae my business forward, and it feels like it could possibly be fun as well, instead of feeling this dread that I used to have every time I thought about social media. Thank you so much Liz, I'm very grateful I found you!


"I worked with Liz to realign my messaging for my upcoming mastermind. This programme is next level and I was excited to work with Liz to tease out next level content to call in clients!
Liz’s approach is soulful, gentle and yet so beautifully balanced too. A blend of feminine and masculine for marketing for my soulful leadership as a mindset + business energetic learning coach. I adored the session and I will be creating content based on our discussion to speak to my audience in a new, authentically elevated way 🙏🏼
 Thank you Liz xxx"

becky stanton, mindset, money & manifestation coach

I'm an expert marketeer specilising in social media and email newsletter marketing and content creation. I help ambitious, heart-led service providers to create content that converts into payment clients via 1:1 Mentorship & Done For You services. 

I'm an ex-Head of Marketing turned Marketing Coach & Consultant with 14 years of industry experience. I went from working in the fashion world feeling hugely unfulfilled and out of alignment to finding my soul's purpose here with my own business helping incredible, ambitious, heart-led women like you!

I'm all about combining strategy and structure with intuition and feminine flow. When we combine the two, that's where the magic happens!

I work with a lot of 'quit the rat race to live their dreams' type women... wellness, mindset, coaches, healers, astrologers, nutritional therapists... you know the score. Women who CARE DEEPLY about people and the world, just like you!

I love the quote "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it" - Roald Dahl. I've believed in magic from a young age and strive to inject it into every aspect of my life! And I want this for you too.

I'm, Liz

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