Let's welcome in the magic...

A soulful Instagram marketing journey for entrepreneurs desiring to become the Queen of content creation for their biz!

Learn how to infuse your content with your soul's essence, your magic, your ✨vibe✨ so that you become magnetic AF to YOUR soul-aligned clients, and confidently sell your services so that your services get booked out!



9 week group programme


noun  /ˈmeɪv(ə)n/

an expert, Queen and absolute badass biz owner
"that Marketing Maven knows how to master her marketing like a Queen!"

It's time to show up and stand out online.

It's time to magnetise YOUR soul-aligned clients.

It's time to confidently sell your services + get booked out.

Are you ready to welcome in NEXT-LEVEL YOU?

Does this sound familiar?

You desperately want to sell your services and get booked out, but selling feels hella icky + uncomfortable

You love to see other women fully expressed online, but don't know how to do it yourself, in your own way

You've attended free masterclasses and perhaps done other group programmes and just didn't feel aligned with the way they were teaching marketing, or it just didn't work for you.

You open up Canva and end up staring at a blank screen for what feels like a lifetime, not knowing what to create.

You want to create amazing, magical, sparkly content that feels fun and exciting to both you and your audience, but just can't do it yourself 

You have loads of ideas for content but have no idea which ideas to choose and run with. There's 0 strategy and it feels like a hot mess!

You have loads of ideas for content but have no idea how to package them into high quality content!

Or maybe the ideas are flowing at all. You feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed by the prospect of getting on top of it all.

You have a love, hate relationship with Instagram. You days you love it, and others you want to throw your phone into a river and become a monk.

You hear everyone and their dog talk about consistency but you just don't know how to bloody get to that point yourself! Doesn't anyone else find consistently creating content creation hard?!

You're someone who leads with your heart and loves deep connections, and you just don't really know how you fit into this IG world full of fast-paced, entertaining Reels! You want to find your own groove with it all.

Your ego gets triggered by the phrase 'lack of confidence' but ultimately you know that if you felt a little more confident this would all feel a lot easier!

Ambitious, heart-led, purpose-fuelled entrepreneurs who are ready to shine online + create wild success!

For the biz owner who knows just how much the world is in need of her magic + is ready to make an impact

For the woman who is ready to re-claim her power and show up more boldly + fully expressed online

For the entrepreneur who is ready to call in her soulmate clients in abundance! It's go time, baby!

For the ambitious service provider who's been searching for a fresh, new + soulful approach to marketing

For the woman who's looking for creative inspiration, accountability + community all rolled into one

For the biz owner who is ready to sprinkle her magic all over Instagram like a glitter bomb!

No soulful strategy

Go from....to...

✨Your very own soulful strategy✨

No ideas

✨All the ideas✨

Bland content

✨Magical content✨


✨Slaying in your own lane✨





Fawn energy

✨Leadership energy✨

Lacking skills

✨All the skills✨

No soulmate clients

✨Soulmate clients✨

Desiring more £$


Make MAGIC with your MARKETING!

Are you ready to ditch the old, stale, boring way of doing marketing... and step into a new reality where marketing is fun, aligned and attracts your dreamy soulmate people daily?! 

Do you want to ditch the rules + rigidity and get into FUN, CREATIVE FLOW with your content creation? 

Do you want to learn how to SKIP STEPS and learn how to become a master at content creation?

Do you want to use fun modalities like Human Design, spiritual connection to your Higher Self, and hypnotic reprogramming to support you with your marketing growth, confidence + mindset?

Do you want to finally start attracting soulmate clients on Instagram with ease, and get paid for simply being YOU?

Do you want to feel confident, at ease, and incredibly powerful when selling your services online?

This is all available for you my love!

Marketing Maven is a group programme for wellness, mindset + spiritual service providers. A unique group coaching experience blending the masculine + feminine when it comes to marketing. Strategy + structure (masculine) PLUS intuitive creative flow (feminine) AND deep reprogramming mindset work + spiritual learnings to catapult past your limits into new realms of reality! It's time to make magic with your marketing!

Let's make magic with your marketing

It's time to increase the size your ripple effect, ten-fold! The world needs your magic right now more than ever, and I know just how much you desire to make an impact to the lives of others.

It's time to step into next level you, create next level content, and welcome next level soulmate clients into your world! I'm so excited to support you to make this happen! 

It's time to turn up the magic and start consistently calling in those soulmate clients... the people you set your business up for in the first place. They're ready and waiting for YOU!

It's time to blast through any old stories, limiting beliefs and blocks holding you back from showing up as your full expression online. You and your un-filtered, unique essence is what will sell out your services! 

It's time to say farewell, goodbye, au revoir to stale, old paradigm, hardcore masculine ways of doing marketing, and hello, welcome, come into my world to feel-good, soulful, new paradigm ways of doing marketing! 

Learn how to show up + stand out online, the soulful way!

I know what it feels like to be hella ambitious and at the same time, feel really held back by lack of confidence when it comes to getting visible online. I felt scared of judgement, I felt like I wasn't good at 'public speaking', I felt like I had so much to learn before I was going to get good at it and it stressed me out, big time!

I launched my biz 3 yrs ago after leaving a 10 year stint in the corporate world. I worked my way up to Head of Marketing and all of a sudden things felt easy and I was ready to a new challenge… enter self-employment!

For the first 18 months I was booked out with consultancy clients and that ‘this now feels easy’ pang hit yet again. I felt the strong pull to become a marketing coach.

And with that came the need to get visible online. All of a sudden I was personal brand and needed to share myself with the world so that they could feel into who I was, what I stood for, my own unique way of supporting people - and build trust!

It was the biggest initiation ever because having all eyes on me was NOT my jam! But I KNEW that it was my calling. I went on a deep dive journey of self-discovery and I now feel like a completely different person to the one I was. Confident (most of the time), free to be unapologetically me without judgement (all of the time!), and now in a position where I support others to do the same...

...To feel confident, comfortable and liberated to be yourself, share your message and sell your services online. Boldly, unapologetically, effectively. In a way that feels safe, soulful and fun!

My story

Strategy + Intuition = Magic

Feel so much clearer on who you're speaking to, what your messaging is and what you're doing with your Instagram marketing! 

Feel so much more comfortable, confident, and free to show up on social media as un-filtered you!

Attract a consistent stream of dreamy ideal clients into your Instagram world 

Feel liberated to market yourself in a way that feels good, exciting, and aligned for YOU, rather than following something else someone has said 'will work' 

Know how to create high quality content that converts into paying clients. No more fumbling around figuring things out alone, it's time to skip steps! 

Feel a deeper and more intimate relationship with your online community. You'll know how to put yourself into their shoes and create content that speaks to their souls. 

You’ll trust yourself and your creative ideas so much more. No more second guessing, you'll be creating in flow and creating far more than you ever have done before! 

You know how to show up as the leader, expert and CEO that you are 

Your instagram will feel like feel-good, authentic and wonderful place to 

You’ll know how to sell your services on Instagram in a soulful way. No more ick, this stuff is going to feel good my love, trust me! 

Over the course of 9 weeks I will be guiding you to…

Hi love. I see you. I feel you. I know you. I'm here to support you.

I LOVE creating content for my online community and I want to support you to love it, too! You started your own businesses to have freedom, fun, flow, and to frickin' love your life! I want you to love marketing and content creation so much that it doesn't even feel like work any more, it feels like a natural part of your life and the way you show up to serve humanity. Ultimately I want everyone to feel really bloody fabulous in their role of Marketing Manager in their business!

I want to support you to be seen and heard because your gifts, your magic, your services are amazing and you deserve all of the eyes on them! You deserve all of the dreamy, soulmate clients flowing your way, all day long. I believe in you! And I'm so excited about what's to come.

Us women don’t big ourselves up enough. We doubt ourselves, doubt our worth, doubt our skills, doubt the value of our voice. Do people really want to hear me on an IG live? Will people really find this post valuable? Am I really worthy of taking up space in this online world? Will the women who watch judge me negatively? ...And do you know what? I'm done with it! I've experience so much of it myself, and I am SO. DONE. WITH. IT! For me, for you, for us all.

18 months ago I jumped onto my IG stories for the first time ever, practising what I preached to my consultancy clients for the first time because it was time for me to put myself out there and become the coach I had trained to be. It felt ick, it was hard, it was cringe, I kinda wanted to give up after the first go... but there was a raging fire in me that wanted to master it all! Wanted to face my fears, work through the (at times) crippling lack of confidence that came with having all eyes on me, the loud "not good enough" voice that would slow me down and make me feel like shit.

I've dedicated myself to growth. I've dedicated myself to my business success. I've dedicated myself to feeling good and at ease. And I don't recognise myself from back then. I feel like a different person who's learned what feels like a lifetime of lessons and lived experiences which has left me in a place where I can now well and truly support you to find happiness, fun, peace and flow with your marketing, too.

I know that you're someone who backs yourself tremendously. I know that you're someone who doesn't settle for anything less than extraordinary. I know that you're someone who wants it all, and believes deep down that it's possible.

This may 'only' be a group programme, but I truly believe that it's going to drastically change the game for you. And I'm so excited for you to dive in.

Love you x

A love letter to you...

What's Included?

Each week we will have a 90 minute group call via Zoom where we will either be covering a specific topic or doing open live group coaching call around that topic.   

There will be a piece of homework for you to complete each week that is specifically designed to support you to create epic content, increase instagram engagement, and strengthen your marketing mindset.

 There will be a private Facebook group for all members of the programme to share wins, ask questions, collaborate, and support each other through the process.

x7 90 min live training calls with Liz
x2 90 min live training calls with guest experts
x5+ pre-recorded training sessions and hypnotic audios
Private Facebook community


week one

week two

week three

week four

week five


week six

week seven


 CONNECTING WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF + co-create epic content together

week eight



Break through fear + step into your authentic self in your content


week nine

During the course of the programme we will cover both the practical and the energetics when it comes to marketing content creation. This is far beyond your average content training programme - this weaves in so much feminine wisdom + spiritual magic.





Step into your true power + radical alignment with the magic of Human Design  


Call schedule


Friday 22nd April @ 3pm - 4.30pm (Liz Spears)
Tuesday 26th April @ 12pm - 1.30pm (Emily Harris)
Wednesday 4th May @ 5pm - 6.30pm (Liz Spears)
Monday 9th May @ 6pm - 7pm (Julia McCarthy)
Thursday 19th May @ 12pm - 1.30pm (Liz Spears)
Monday 23rd May @ 5pm - 6.30pm (Emma Barfield)
Friday 27th May @ 11am - 12.30pm (Liz Spears)
Wednesday 1st June @ 4pm - 5.30pm (Liz Spears)
Tuesday 7th June @ 12pm - 1.30pm (Liz Spears)
Tuesday 14th June @ TBC (Hannah Cluely)
Wednesday 15th June @ 5pm - 6.30pm (Liz Spears)

How to become a badass with your business planning so that you can grow + scale 

About Me, your coach

Hey love, I'm Liz.

I'm a Manifesting Generator, Gemini sun, Capricorn rising, Leo moon, Enneagram 8... I'm heart-led, full of empathy for people and the planet, and I've got a fire in my belly!

I'm an ex-Head of Marketing turned Marketing Coach & Consultant with 12+ years of industry experience. I went from working in the fashion world feeling hugely unfulfilled and out of alignment to finding my soul's purpose here with my own business helping incredible, ambitious, heart-led women like you!

I'm all about combining strategy and structure with intuition and feminine flow. When we combine the two, that's where the magic happens!

I work with a lot of 'quit the rat race to live their dreams' type women... wellness, mindset, coaches, healers, astrologers, nutritional therapists... you know the score. Women who CARE DEEPLY about people and the world, just like you!

If you're ready, let's do this! I cannot wait to support you!






Julia McCarthy is an intuitive psychic medium and energy healer/activator. She is dedicated to connecting people all over the world with their higher selves and spirit guides as well as helping others awaken their third eyes, crowns, and channeling abilities so that they can share their gifts and magic with the world. She is on a mission to serve as many people as possible as they step into the highest and most magical versions of themselves.

Session: How to connect with your Higher Self (so that you can co-create epic content together!)

julia mccarthy


Emily Harris is an Empowerment Coach + Mentor to heart-led women who desire to rip up the rule book + reclaim their power so that they can manifest their big dreams. 

Emily works with women to break through their fears + embody their authentic selves through subconscious reprogramming, manifestation + embodied astrology so that they feel empowered to live a life of freedom, depth + wholeness.

Session: Break through fear + step into your authentic self in your Marketing



Emma Barfield is a Certified Inner Leadership Master Coach, NLP practitioner, Embodied Human Design Reader, Gene Keys Guide, and Yoga + Meditation Teacher. 

She is driven to see you boldly declaring your desires and visions for your world, whilst laying the stake into the wild wisdom of your soul as you remember that the only rightful navigation system was the one beating inside your chest all along.

Session: Step into your true power + radical alignment in your Marketing with the magic of Human Design  



Hannah Rose Cluley is a Business Coach and IG expert teaching business owners how to have it all. You can have success, be rich, and be a great community leader through being authentic and compassionate. 

She meshes together traditional mindset coaching with practical business teachings and mentorship around business strategy and planning. 

Session: How to become a badass with your business planning  so that you can continually grow + scale 

Hypnotic audios from these incredible subconscious reprogrammers to support you throughout this journey...








Sarah Hunter is a hypnotherapist and breathwork practitioner. She guides women to transform their life and business, by releasing limiting beliefs and self doubt, so that you can believe in your possibilities and step into your next level with confidence. 

Best friends Esther Haste and Rachael Leonard are Clinical Hypnotherapists and EFT practitioners who support women to rid  limiting beliefs, reframe their subconscious mind and live their best lives!

Jennifer MacFarlane is a Subconscious Reprogramming Master, Healer, Author
Vibrational Money Coach & Spiritual Guide. She supports women to reprogram their wealth and abundance capabilities so that they can live their most enjoyable life.

Hypnotic audio: Double your income  

Hypnotic audio: Boost your confidence + enhance your performance

Hypnotic audio: Clarify + call in your deamboat clients

"Liz is a Marketing Magician! Before I started working with Liz, the word 'marketing' felt a bit intimidating and overwhelming. Liz helped opened my eyes to the magic of marketing, breaking everything down into manageable chunks with actionable tools to take away and implement each week. My new instagram account is gaining momentum and I will be forever grateful to Liz for her support and making marketing feel magical!"

"Working with Liz has been the best investment I've made in my business. There is nothing she doesn't know about Marketing. I went from being unsure about my marketing to feeling empowered that I know exactly what to do and I can already see the results coming in. Liz's friendly, supportive style made the sessions really enjoyable. 
Thank you Liz, you're a wonder woman!"

"Liz is an absolute dream to work with. Her marketing magic coaching is everything you need and more! Liz supports you with your individual marketing needs and helped me carve out a clear direction. I instantly felt lighter after our call and it has been the best investment into my business!"

what some of my clients said about working with me

"Liz's Marketing Moon Magic workshops are the magic I never knew I needed before... since taking the time for myself + business to do her workshops I have more content ideas than ever before - I feel free express myself more unapologetically in my marketing + bring more of myself to my business. I'm so grateful for Liz for creating this gorgeous space + can't wait to make this a regular thing."

Let's do it



3 Month Payment Plan: x3 Payments of £259

One-off payment of £777

Marketing Maven is a total investment of £777. There is so much value packed into this programme and it's going to totally change your business for the better!

The next round will likely kick-off July 2022



Full access to the programme PLUS x1 90 Min 1:1 Coaching Call to further support you



When will the calls take place + what happens if I can't make it live?

Who is the 1:1 programme for?

We kick off on 22nd March 2022. Calls will be held weekly on varying days and times to accommodate for a range of schedules + timezones. The full schedule + access to the Facebook community will be sent out to you before the programme starts.  All calls will be recorded and you will have a 2 year access to all programme materials, and it is not required that you be on the calls live.

When will the calls take place + what happens if I can't make it live?

What is the format of the programme?

This is a fusion blend of a digital course and a group coaching program.

There will be workbooks and guided audios, as well as weekly 90 minute group training calls on Zoom. There will also be a private Facebook group where you can get additional support/answers to questions from me around what we cover on the calls.

Who is this programme for?

What type of businesses is the programme for?

This programme is for services providers: coaches, teachers, healers, creatives etc. It's for anyone who wants to grow a personal brand on Instagram.

I’m very new in my business, will this be too advanced for me?

What type of businesses is the programme for?

Growing an engaged community, learning how to create high quality content and working on your mindset are the best things you can do early on in your business journey! 

This programme will help you lay a powerful framework for your business and you do not have to KNOW what you want to offer (yet!) in order to benefit massively.

I’m very new in my business, will this be too advanced for me?

I'm not a business newbie, is this suitable for me?

How is your marketing feeling right now? 
Do you feel like you are fully using Instagram to the fullest potential? Are you loving content creation? Are your content ideas free flowing? Are you getting soulmate clients invest in you and your services?

If any of the following questions had you thinking “damn...that’s a good point!” this is for you ;)

Will I get 1:1 support from you Liz?

Will I get 1:1 support from you Liz?

No, this is a group programme and you will not get 1:1 support from me other than the support I offer on group coaching calls and inside the Facebook group. If you wish to get 1:1 support then you have the option to go for the VIP payment plan that includes x2 1:1 sessions. 

How much time will the programme take?

Will I get 1:1 support from you Liz?

This is somewhat up to you. The weekly live calls are 60 - 90 minutes long and the assignments are designed to take anywhere between 1-2 hours. So planning to dedicate approximately 3 hours a week to this process is recommended if you are looking to get the best possible results.